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Recent events. ^.^

Psychyn, Aug 14, 11 8:07 AM.
While perhaps a bit delayed and a bit slow ; Consider this the first news headline! Wohoo. I mean, clearly after not seeing the page updated for a while at least one person in the whole world went wondering ; "What have they been up to?"

So! Here's what we have been up to in-game!

Friday August 12th we've downed Illidan and obtained the first piece of the legendary warglaives.
- Luck was with us it seems! The first guild run and already the main hand dropped. We are sure to do a few more raids and obtain a full set!
- Obsidium sanctum 10 players - 3 drakes up was next in which a lucky guildy who's name I forgot (Sorry!), obtained the black drake! Congratz!

With enough attendance we'll raid Ahn'Qiraj - Temple at 22:00 tonight.
- I'd love to see ten man in the group for the guild achievement! ^.^ Get your rep, old school feeling clothes and RP weapons perhaps!

We've geared most of the in-game folks up to HC's levels and have planned out first raid.
 - Friday 19th of august we are planning to do "The Bastion of Twilight" - 10 man. Look on youtube and check the dungeon guide for the basic tactics. ^.^

Another old-schooly raid on the 26th! Molten Core guild run in hopes that the "Eye of Sulfuras" drops!
- Because Kyl (me) is -this- close to making another legendary weapon for the guild achievement!

The guild grinded, groaned and complained but in the end ; it's efforts were rewarded! Band of the Scarlet Rose has reached level 5!
- What can I say other then ; Great job guys! Keep it up! With that said, we naturally have 7 bank tabs to be filled and used!

We've also had a birfday and have an upcoming birfday!
- Kyl turned 20 on august 11th! Thanks guys for all the warm words and in-game gift spam! <3
- Ambrynni is turning 15 on the 31th of august! Start grinding for more special in-game birfday gifts!

The guild has opened it's official MC server!
- You can find the Minecraft IP address in the guild information. If you need a hand how to sort it all out, poke Kylianne or any of my alts in-game! It's running whenever I'm online on WoW/Skype/MSN/IM!

Aand that's about it for these weeks! Stay tuned for more, comments are welcome and I naturally wish you all a happy gaming! <3
~ Kyl.

Guild website chosen!

Psychyn, Jul 29, 11 8:46 AM.
Well, as the headline says ; I've encountered zero bugs and difficulties within the guildportal hosting services. As such, I've decided to smooth the entire website out and host it right here, where you found it!

The website is still under construction here and there as you may notice, but it'll all be sorted out within a reasonable amount of time. (Aka have patience, this admin monkey isn't too fast!)

~ The Scarlet Rose
You have stumbled upon the website of the "Scarlet Rose", fully named "Band of the Scarlet Rose" on the Defias Brotherhood RP/PvP server. Whether it is through a lucky search engine search, a redirection from the World of Warcraft game or perhaps after finding the website link in the guild information itself ; Welcome nonetheless!

About the Guild ;

Band of the Scarlet Rose is a guild with many different playing styles. We organize RP events, PvE and PvP all at once to give each and every single member within the Rose something he or she appreciates. We strive (and so far have been) a guild with a successful friendly and naturally helpful atmosphere. Need help with a dungeon? You got it. Want somebody to RP with? Sure! Someone ganking you? Call in the anti-gank squad!

Formed on the 18th of July, 2011 we are a relative new guild. As far as PvE goes ; We are currently making sure all our members that wish to do dungeons and raids, are geared up accordingly. Both old school (Vanilla, BC, WotLK) raids will be done in the nearby future, along with the newer ones!

What you can find within the Scarlet Rose ;

Above all, an helpful community. We are a band, with the meaning of band emphasized on being an union of people. Whether you RP, PvE or PvP, we all play this game to have fun and enjoy it's content and as such, we have put the word "Fun" high on our priority list. Because after all, the game is supposed to be fun, right?

Besides being an fun and helpful community, we are also one of the friendliest guilds you'll find on the Defias Brotherhood. Our members are laid back, relaxed and cuddleable (Especially dwarves) who joke and laugh our way through the pains of WoW. (Ganking, possible dungeon wipes, PvP tug group failures, and so on!)

Hakuna Matata ; No worries, be happy.

What we seek in members ;

First off, be yourself! No need to strive in competition with the other members, don't rush yourself to match the guild's average 85 level. We are seeking for members that can appreciate a joke or two, with a casual and relaxed mindset. Don't pressure yourself with leveling up fast, being the most talkative in guild (Though we do want social members!) or anything of the kind.

Social, relaxed, friendly, helpful and fun ; Those are the keywords we are looking for within members.

On that note ; The Scarlet Rose is actively looking for members fitting those keywords to join us and enjoy WoW together. You can poke any of the officers in game, leave a post on the website or apply through the guild finder!

As closing remark ;

We hope you enjoy(ed) reading the website, and should you have any question what so ever, feel free to seek me out either in game, or send me a message! Or heck, post on the forums! There are many ways to get in contact with our members, and if you are interested, we certainly hope you get in touch!

Happy gaming!
~ The Scarlet Rose
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